Filmcraft Stories arrives to disrupt the way your story is told. We do not try to force things, we want to be a guest, endearing but discreet. We want to be there, live your story and tell it visually for its eternal memory.

Our main objective as videographers and photographers is to write a visual discourse that is sincere, real and cinematic of the events that gradually happen. Finally, our narrative task is to be able to manifest all the events of that great moment without leaving any piece incomplete; the garden, the living room, the guests, the assembly, the sky, the church, the hotel, the house, the cake and an endless number of elements that cover the authenticity of your day.

Overcoming the test of time is indispensable. All history has absolute perpetuity; love excludes the ephemeral, therefore, our story has to go hand in hand with you so that together we can capture something that will always want to be seen and remembered.

To count is to endure. No story can be repeated, yet it can be relieved. That is our craft.